Posted by: Yang | April 23, 2009

G-d at the moment…

For what it’s worth, my relationship with G-d at the moment is somewhat at a stand still. To a certain degree, I have to be honest and say that we’re not seeing eye to eye on some issues. There’s this part of me where I feel like until we come to an agreement, where He comes half way, then we can start mending this relationship.

I know that some reading this will be thinking, “you just don’t have enough faith?” And then there are those who will say to themselves, “dude, you’re weird, what the heck is he talking about?” Regardless of what your opinion is, I feel strongly about my current conviction. And let me be clear, I know where my short comings are, but that’s besides the point.

I can rant on for pages or blogs but I think there’s more productive blogging I can do that will actually have more impact on practical issues. Issues that people can actually put to use and relate to.

This blog may not make too much sense but I just wanted to let everyone know where I’m at spiritually, incase you were wondering.


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