Posted by: Yang | May 7, 2009

Natural vs Pharmacuetical Medication….

Okay, so here’s another thought. A few years ago, I was told about some ‘natural’ ways to treat or cure CF, I forget which one. But in this case, I don’t suppose it matters. Let me know what you think.

I was at an appointment with one of my doctors and brought it up. The doctor pretty much just blew it off and said that it would cost too much and that my insurance would not cover it. Whether or not it was a possibility to look into wasn’t even discussed. To me, it seems like it was more of a ‘financial’ deal than a way to help treat me. And then when I brought up about the Australia deal, I was given a sidestep type of answer. Along the line of, ‘well, here we have this and that (the good things about this clinic)’. But my question was never really answered in a way that made me feel like my best interest was at hand. When I think about incidents like this, it frustrates me. So my question is, has anyone heard of any ‘natural’ ways to either treat or cure CF?

My regular meds are Albuterol, Mucomyst, and Tobi. Now Azythromyacin has recently in the last few months been added to my list of drugs. I make a mention of that because there is this particular doctor who from what I can recall, most, if not all of my visit with her, seems to be writing up some new prescription drug for me. It almost seems like she looks for every opportunity available to write up some drugs for me, whether it is for something that I actually have, like low vitamin D. Which makes sense. But for other things like ‘preventative’ meds – to me, that’s stretching it a little too much. I understand preventative steps are necessary, but isn’t that what Azythromyacin and my regular vest treatments are for? In addition to that, I’m rotating with the Tobi meds from month to month. I should also note that this clinic has a team of CF doctors, which I do see different one from time to time, depending on who’s available. And that’s why I bring it up because after having seen a few of them, this is the one that I can recall writing up prescriptions for me. Perhaps it’s me and my paranoia. But can someone shed some light for me. I would really like to get an unbias answer.

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for their service and treatments to help me with my CF. It’s just that sometimes, I feel like I’m being drugged up for the sake of being drugged up. Again, if you have some insightful advice, please do share.


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