Posted by: Yang | August 8, 2009

June, July and parts of August 2009

Lately I haven’t been so good, as far as my health is concern. Probably not sick enough to be hospitalized, but not well enough to not feel crappy. Here’s what’s been going on with my respitory system, let me know what you think. For one, every now and then my lungs will feel tight and soar. It’s like they feel weak, not enough strength to take deep breaths. And then the next day, they will feel just fine. Funny thing is, if I keep on moving around, walking and keeping productive, then they feel fine. But as soon as I sit down and stay idle for a while, I start to feel all kind of symptoms with my lungs. Anything from soarness to short sharp pains, and even sometimes I have to take deep breaths to make sure that my lungs are still capable of doing so.

I was suppose to go to the clinic back in June, but I think it was too close to the last week of school so I opted out. Figured that if I wasn’t ‘sick’ then I didn’t need to go. But through out the month of June and July, there were several occasions where I felt like going to urgent care just to make sure that all is well. As I said earlier, these symptoms that kept on popping up was frustrating. I kinda came to the conclusion that maybe my lungs are just irritated right now, whats the term, exasperating, I think. What it means is that they are irritated, so they are acting up, which means I mainly need to step up my treatments. I do know that I have been slacking on that earlier back in June to almost mid July. Then just when things seem to just get better, the other day I caught a case of the allergy deal. My throat was itching, which caused me to cough up a storm. That lead to major headaches and super soar ribs. That lasted for about 2-3 days. Let me tell you, thats the last thing that I need. Is for something to trigger my situation into something more intense.

In all honesty though, I have considered going into the hospital for a week stay, at the very least. It’s summer, I don’t have a job commitment, I still have health insurance, I’m not feeling at my base, and plus it’ll give me a change of scenery.  But somehow, I haven’t made the decision to go yet.  Feels like I’m caught in some sort steal mate where I can’t seem to make up my mind. Hospital, or not hospital. I start to weigh the pros and cons and then never follow through with it. And with the summer break coming to an end here with only about a month left to go, I do need to come to a decision though. If not, I’ll have to chance it during work and use up my vacation/sick times. Which would suck if I could’ve just go in now. Perhaps the reason why I haven’t gone in yet is because I don’t feel that sick. Although I do know that a tune up right now would be a good prevention step for me. Or, maybe there’s just so much going on in my mind right now that because I don’t feel sick, my subconcious is preventing me from following through. Yeah, I think that’s it. Well, thats about what I can think of about my health at the moment. I’m sure if there are other highlights, I will post them up at a later time.


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