About Me

My name is Yang and I am Hmong. I currrently live in MN and is the oldest of a very large family. I work as a Pre-Press Technician, however, I have been doing computer graphics for over 7 years now. Although my family is still practicing traditional Hmong Shamanism, I have ventured on a differenth path, Hebraic Christianity, which most people would categorized as Messianic Judaism. Here, you will find me posting from various topics, Torah, life, personal thoughts; all of which has been impacted by Cystic Fibrosis.

I believe that everyone has a story to share. We have our own unique experiences that has shaped and formed us into who we are today. Most of us, if not all, at one point or another have wondered, what is my purpose in life. To be truthful, at times I still wonder what my purpose is. But one thing I know for sure, is that I want to be able to experience life and not just exist.

From time to time I may edit my articles so don’t be surprised if you find additions to something you have read previously. This blog is an ongoing project that I hope to one day put it in a form of a book. Your opinions and critiques are more than welcome (as long as they are for that purpose). Thanks for taking your time to read my blogs and I hope you stop by again.



  1. Hello/Naojong (sp?),

    I found your testimony this evening after “googling” on “Cystic Fibrosis”. I found out a friend of mine got an unexpected call from her doctor that her kid has been diagnosed with this. They will be going to the twin cities tomorrow for further testing. Please keep this “single mom” (Gerri) in prayer and your testimony is very encouraging, so I had to put it in the website I’ve made for the future…


    Bro in Christ,

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